Everything You Need to Know Before Printing from Google Cloud

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Google Cloud Print
Google Cloud Print

Printing from Google Cloud the development of the world of technology with various kinds of new findings that make it easier for humans to carry out their activities. One of them is from a well-known Google company. Google has created an application that makes it easier for users in the process of printing files that are named Google Cloud Print.

By connecting the printer with the Google account that you have, now you do not need to bother anymore to set up a printer along with a laptop / PC because with this application, you can print files only through your gadget. You simply pay attention to how to print Google Cloud Print and so your work will feel lighter. Here are the ways you can print data through Google Cloud Print :

1. There is an Internet Network on Laptop / PC

Make sure your internet connection is well connected, because this application the system is data transfer, so make sure also that the internet network is connected. If there is no internet network, the data cannot be sent and you cannot do the printing process

2. Printer that has been connected Laptop / PC

Also make sure the printer that you will use is connected to your laptop / PC in your home. Do not let only the printer turn on, but it is not connected to a laptop / PC. Because the printer task only prints, the printer cannot accept any file, if no other device gives the ‘command’.

3. Have a Google Account

Important before you use this feature is make sure you have an active Google account. If you do not have a Google account, please first register to have a Google account. You can create a Google account with the free version and register easily enough, so you don’t need to register for a paid account.

4. Download and enable Google Cloud Print on the Chrome Web

If only the data is sent, it certainly cannot be printed. Therefore, you must first download the Google Cloud Print application from your App Store and activate it first on your laptop / PC by clicking Manage on Google Cloud Manage, select classic printer then add and select which printer to connect to.

5. Setting on Gadgets and Printing via Gadgets

When finished downloading, you can open the settings menu then select ‘Printing’ and there is the word ‘Cloud Print’ on the status and just select the printer that will be used for printing. Then you have finished setting (which is on your laptop / pc, printer, and gadget), now you can enjoy this feature. Simply search for the print menu on the file that you want to print, then select the Google Cloud Print menu and you have successfully printed. However, if you don’t find this gadget, you can download the application share the file so that later you will be given the option to send and print files at the same time from Google Cloud Print installed on your gadget.

it’s easy to follow the steps in printing Google Cloud Print. Now you are free to be anywhere, without having to go here and there just to print files. You do other activities while printing the file you want. It should also be noted that during the printing process, make sure the internet network of the gadget and receive device are well connected. Thank you for visiting Allhpsoftware.

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