How to Print HP DeskJet 3755 from Smartphone Apple, Android and Windows

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The latest DeskJet Printer offers easy printing from smartphones or tablets. The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3775 does not only optimize room use, it also makes the room brighter with various colors, including the colors of Electric Blue and Sea Grass Green.

In an official statement from the HP website explained that parents really want tiny wireless devices that fit their lifestyle and make them able to stay connected to the internet, social and productive wherever they are.

“Inside the Deskjet Ink Advantage printers from HP lift the experience of traditional consumer printing to a higher level with innovation, cheerful design and intuitive mobile connectivity virtually from devices or social networks.

How to print from a smartphone

There is no easier setting and printing directly from a mobile device than with the HP All-in-One Remote mobile application. The free application provides key features, such as printing, copying and scanning wirelessly from almost all smartphone and tablet devices including Apple, Android and Windows for users.

Using Wi-Fi Direct, consumers can immediately start printing from their mobile devices and access printers without an internet network. Consumers can print, share and design various photos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr or directly from the photo gallery on smartphones using the HP Social Media Snapshots application.

HP also offers customized 4 × 5 photo paper only for Social Media Snapshots applications and is suitable for decorating bedrooms, lockers or sharing with family and friends.

By using Printbot HP, Facebook Messenger users can print content easily from a Facebook Messenger conversation. In addition to easily printing photos and documents, the bot allows users to add printers, print from printing history and order printing supplies.

How to print HP DeskJet 3755 from a smartphone
How to print HP DeskJet 3755 from a smartphone

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