How to Easily Print from Handphone

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Print from Handphone
Print from Handphone

Easily Print from Handphone, This time wants to share how to print from an android device to a wireless HP Printer. Of course you already understand how to print via mobile priting. The following steps must be taken in order to print from an android device to your wireless HP printer :

  • First Download the HP ePrint application that is available free on Google play for Android or Apple app store.
  • Make sure your printer is connected to the same wireless network as your Android smartphone. Then, select the file to be printed, it can be an image, email, web page, or document file.
  • When asked what application will be used to print, you select the HP ePrint application.
  • We can preview the document that will be printed first to determine whether the document is correct. Or make settings for the printer, such as paper type and print quality.
  • Then after the above steps we can choose the HP printer that is intended to print if there are more than 1 printer connected to the network. Don’t forget to click the print button to enjoy the printed results.

Very Easy and effective, Enjoy your printouts and bring your work to friends. Hopefully useful thanks for coming to


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