How to print a book form document

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Printing documents that are later like book form is very easy. This method really makes us save paper and ink. The printed document is able to match the existing file model. Steps for printing documents to be made like books :

a. First open the document or file, in the form of Ms. documents. Word or pdf. Then select File Print Select the printer that is connected and ready to print, Then select PRINT PROPERTIES Select BOOKLET Make sure the page setup document is the same as the document paper that prints the file. To add a border for each page,
b. Next please modify it to SPECIFY. There will be a choice by giving a check to give a command in the form of a document. then there is a command to add a frame to each page. Please pay attention to the picture for more details.

Print a book
Print a book

c. Then After all the settings are selected, click OK. Next the document is ready for printing / printing. Please click the PRINT button.

d. In the process of printing, the printout will be divided into two stages.
– The first stage, the mold with an odd order. All pages in the first stage are all odd pages.
– The second stage, after everything is printed, the monitor screen will open the Warning Printer window to put the first printout. And keep in mind, that putting the first printed paper back into the printer must be in the position state as shown on the screen.

e. last step If all documents are printed, fold them. Then the printed document will be formed as in the state of the book.

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