Infusion Printer or Inkjet Printer, Which One is Your Choice?

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Most people usually need the right printer. In addition, another thing they also need is printer ink that is of high quality and is suitable for their type of printer for home or office. No wonder there are many people who are looking for quality printer. Choosing Infusion Printer or Inkjet Printer, Which One is Your Choice?

There are several things that you should pay attention to. One of them is the type of ink. Below are some tips for choosing printer Infusion Printer or Inkjet Printer.

Infusion Printer or Inkjet Printer
Infusion Printer or Inkjet Printer

1. Pros and Cons of Infusion Printers

For the problem, the infusion printer is indeed the selling price is more expensive than the injector printer or injection printer because it is more modern but in terms of its advantages it is not necessary to bother when you want to replenish the lack of ink or excess ink.

The infuse printer is highly recommended for those of you who have a lot of money, for business, and who really don’t want to be complicated when going out.


  • A more economical infuse system is also very economical compared to a refill system.
  • Ink content is easiest and does not damage the cartridge
  • The cartridge head is more durable
  • Because the contents of the ink directly change, so this does not make the cartridge disassembled and will last longer than the inject.

  • Fill in printer ink often leaking
  • Ink containers often occur making winds dry,
  • The risk of the shield leaking will be very large which will make the ink unable to flow.
  • The occurrence of a mechanical error risk due to the infusion hose that is stuck.
  • If the cartridge is damaged, the replacement process will be very difficult so it must be taken to the printer service center.

2. Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

For you to know if one of the drawbacks of the Inject Printer is the frequent problems or problems with charging ink. Moreover, this is for those of you who are still new, it will be bothered because you don’t know. Then what is the problem such as charging ink is lacking, overfilling ink, charging ink colors that are indeed unbalanced and the other one.

The above is a problem that looks small but will make you hassle. When you are wrong in the ink content this will make the easy rusal cartridge then can make the color of the ink that comes out will not be perfect instead of going out of color.


  • Does not require installation on additional devices
  • Risk of problems for mechanics is very small compared to infusion
  • Treatment is easier and more efficient
  • Cartridge replacement is easier.

  • Damage to the cartridge that occurs is very risky than Infusion.
  • The risk of a flood cartridge when charging too much refill ink will occur more.
  • The process of filling the cartridge is very troublesome

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