HP Printer Ink Tank Without Cables

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HP Printer Ink Tank Without Cables is one of the office equipment that must be owned by startups and micro businesses to support company operations. Following the flow of advancements, technology in printer devices has also continued to develop. The shape is smaller but the embedded features are increasingly sophisticated.

HP launches Ink Tank printers targeted at Micro, Small and Medium Business owners. Its advantages are its ability to print at affordable prices and two models including adopting wireless or wireless technology. That is, we can print anytime and anywhere you get inspiration.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415
HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

The WiFi direct and mobile printing features of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 and 419 are compatible with iOS devices using the AirPrint feature. Android smartphone users can use the HP Smart application. You can print files that are in smartphone memory instantly and can be directly from Facebook, email, website, or from cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

WiFi Direct Printing Technology
WiFi Direct Printing Technology

Then for those of you who have high printing needs, this printer can print thousands of pages at a low cost per page. When you first bought it, the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 was able to print up to 8,000 pages using a set of ink consisting of three color ink bottles and was able to print up to 6,000 pages with HP pigment black ink bottles.

While the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 is even more powerful, durable, durable, and doesn’t drain the bag. Being able to print up to 8,000 color pages and 15,000 black and white pages. The ink replacement process is also very easy, with an anti-spill refill system. Where the ink bottle can be directly plugged into the tank without needing to be pressed. Charging is easily monitored thanks to the transparent ink tank.

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