How ToTest Easy Print HP Laserjet P1005

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Test Easy Print HP Laserjet P1005
Test Easy Print HP Laserjet P1005

In installing new printer on a computer, it does not always work well, it sometimes causes small problems but is quite confusing for beginners, so the simple thing like doing a print test page without a computer is unknown. A problem that is often found is that there is no appropriate printer driver.

Actually, it is very easy now to get drivers online by downloading it on the website of the manufacturer of each printer, but downloading drivers is not easy and the size or capacity of the driver is large enough to require an internet connection that is fast enough for the driver to be downloaded perfectly.

For drivers it is very important to print a test from the computer to the printer, so in any way the driver must be installed on the computer so that the printer can be used to print. But before getting a printer driver we also need to know the state of the printer, whether the printer is not having a problem, now to make sure the printer is in a ready-to-use condition but there are no suitable drivers then it can be done by self-print test.

Following are the steps to do a self print test :

  1. Make sure the electrical power is connected to the printer.
  2. Then provide one sheet of paper in the paper box on the printer.
  3. Next Turn on the HP Laserjet P1005 printer.
  4. Open and close the top cover five times.
  5. Wait for the printer to do a self print test.
  6. The print test results will look like lines.

To successfully print the test correctly, then you will get the results of the print test in the form of a line, if it doesn’t work too, then there might still be an error that you did or the printer was damaged. This is just a tutorial on how to print a test page on an HP Laserjet P1005 printer from Allhpsoftware. Thank you, I hope this article can help.

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