How to Clean Printer HP Deskjet series 5820 MAC OS

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HP Deskjet series 5820
HP Deskjet series 5820

In cleaning the HP Deskjet 5820 series printer is actually quite easy. You only have to run maintenance procedures on the available maintenance features. At presents the information you need to do it.

For features provided by HP in the maintenance framework called “Automated Printhead Cleaning Utility”. The function is to clean the printhead automatically so that the nozzle on the printout disappears.


Important !

Perform this print head cleaning procedure only when needed. For example, when there are many print results there is a nozzle or print quality decreases. Because if you do it too often it can shorten the life of the printhead and can consume ink. To prevent the printhead from drying out, try to always turn the printer off (power off) by pressing the power button after using it.

Step cleaning HP printer from the MAC OS operating system

  1. Do a search for Mac for Print, then click Print & Scan” or Printer & Scanner.
  2. Click on your printer name, then click Open Queued Print.
  3. Click Printer Settings or click Utility and click on the Open Printer Utility.
  4. Click Clean Printhead.
  5. After the cleaning cycle is complete, click Print.
  6. Analyze the results, if the print quality is acceptable or in line with expectations, then you can click “Done” to complete the troubleshooting process. Conversely, if the results are not satisfactory then you can click on “Second-level Clean” to do the next cleaning step.

If the printhead cleaning process is deadlocked, the printer requires another cleaning cycle. If so, wait 30 minutes before doing the second level cleaning.Thank you for visiting at

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