How To Easily Share Printers Via LAN or WiFi Network

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Share Printers Via LAN or WiFi Network
Share Printers Via LAN or WiFi Network

What is a Share Printers Via LAN or WiFi Network? Printer sharing is a setting where a printer can be used together by several computers on a LAN or wifi network. Printer sharing has now been widely applied in various institutions such as schools, banks, offices up to computer rentals or internet cafes. Printer sharing does have benefits such as saving printers that are used and of course you can save space because you do not need to use a variety of printers and will prevent you from a crowded room.

To do printer sharing, there must be at least 2 computers connected via a LAN network. This computer is called the Master computer, which is a computer that is directly connected to a printer, and also a Client Computer or a computer that does not have a printer. Generally, there are three stages or processes for sharing printers.

1. Arrangements made on all computers

Before starting, make sure that you know how to print and also install the printer driver on your computer and make sure that the LAN network is connected and some of your computers are on the same network. Make it in the same workgroup. To be able to change the workgroup, you can follow these steps :

a. Open the control panel, then select “start” then find and also open the “system”.

b. Then choose the tab “computer name” then make sure if the workgroup is the same or the same. If you haven’t, you can change it by selecting “change”.

c. Then change the workgroup according to the name you want to use. Then click “OK”.

2. Settings on the Server Computer

Share Printers Via LAN or WiFi Network
Settings on the Server Computer


Computer servers or computers that are connected directly to the printer must have several settings such as the following :

a. Reopen the “control panel”. you can open it from the start option. After that, select and open “Printer and Faxes” located on Windows.

b. Then you will see a printer that is already ready and also connected to the master computer. Right-click on the part or icon of the printer you want to share then click “sharing properties”.

c. Then choose “share this printer”. Give a name according to your wishes or with a pre-existing name. When finished, please select and click OK.

d. If you find a request for a Windows CD or confirmation from printer sharing, you can choose the option “just enable file and printer sharing” Then select and click OK.

3. Settings on the Client Computer

After you have done the above 2 steps correctly and don’t reverse the sequence, you are now entering the last stage. To add or manage sharing printers on client computers, the method is as follows.

a. Open “Control panel” with start. Then choose “your printer faxes”

b. After that, on the tab located on the left, please select “add a printer”. After successful, it will open “add printer wizard”, select and click “next”> “Printer sharing windows”.

c. Then choose “Browse for printer” then select “next” again. Then your computer will automatically look for a printer that has been shared before.

d. To get a quick process you can choose the second option, “connect to this printer” by typing in the master printer name and the name of the printer that is shared.

e. Next, info will appear as a notification whether you want to make this share printer the default. You can choose yes or no according to your needs.

Printer Sharing via LAN or WiFi Network to many computers or laptops. Basically the process of “sharing” your computer to the printer and how it is almost the same in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for you, Thank you for visiting

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