How to Connect Your Android Smartphone to Printers Device

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the are very sophisticated, for any print it can be done easily. You used to want to print data from your handphone to the printer is very difficult, but now with your android phone you can print photos or documents. The operating system for mobile phones that has developed very rapidly is now being used to print image data from mobile phones and can be directly connected to the printer.

Google developed the Open Source operating system used on android phones to prnter devices. Both Android phones and tablets are almost the same as computers, Android phones send e-mails, browsing and the same if you play a computer or laptop.

The existence of an Android mobile phone is indeed inviting consumers to have it. In addition to the technology that is quite sophisticated, Android also has functions that are almost with a computer or laptop. Currently you can print documents or images from Android to the printer.

Appeared internet-based mold technology makes it easy for android users to print easily. Some printers are currently made with technology that is quite sophisticated and equipped with Wifi, bluetooth and USB connections. If you have a printer with this capability, you can use the Google Cloud Print service to print documents or images from Android to the printer.

This google cloud print service is a service and technology that allows you to connect printers to the web or android wherever you are. To connect an Android phone or Android device, you need an Andoid USB OTG.

Additional applications that are used to print documents or images from Andorid are indeed needed and you can use the Google Cloud Print. This additional application can be done either through an internet connection in the form of wifi or by using a USB cable directly from your andorid to the printer. There are quite a lot of android phones that can do it now.

Here’s how to connect the adroid to the printer for printing :

1. Prepare the USB OTG data cable and available USB OTG cable support facilities

Before you print first you must prepare a data cable that will be used to connect the android to the printer. You can use the USB OTG data cable available at the gadget shop. If you print data from an Andorid cellphone, make sure that your cellphone has the USB OTG cable facility.

2. Connect to the printer

If both of the above are available, the next step is to connect the OTG ultrasound to the printer. Insert the printer data cable into the USB OTG data cable and then look at your andorid cell phone whether it’s connected or not. If your Andorid cell phone is already connected to a printer, then the right Google Cloud Print application and install it will read the document or image that you will print.

The way to print documents or images from your Android phone to the printer is indeed quite easy, even you can easily print all documents that you have browsed on the internet through your Android cellphone and print them easily on the printer.

The ease of printer technology and Android phones makes your work much easier and faster to complete. Printing photos or documents quickly can be done easily via an internet connection and also a USB OTG cable on an android phone.
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