How to use Google Cloud Print with the Internet

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Do you know that Google Cloud Print is the internet giant that this one has always issued excellent features to make it easier for internet users around the world. And this time wants to share how to print documents through the internet, Google Printer is the solution. Google Printer can be a facility for remote printers from a distance. Google Printer can be used for PCs as well as your Android device. In addition, if we activate the share feature, we can share our printer’s source for other users. On this occasion I will share about how to use Google Printer.

There are several conditions that must be fulfilled to use Google Cloud Print.

In order to be able to use Google Printer services you must prepare a number of things, while the preparations that must be made include the following :

  1. There is an Internet Network
  2. Then the printer is connected to the computer
  3. Next is the Google Chrome browser
  4. Continue the Google Printer Application that you can download on Google Play.

Register a printer on Google Cloud Print.

The first step to registering Google Printer is to run the Google Chrome application, then click Icon Menu =) Settings =) Advance Settings. like the picture below.

Advance Settings
Register Google Printer

After you can do this step next by clicking the add Printer button, in the Classic Printer section

Google Cloud Print
add Printer button

Next you will be directed to the Printer List page, on this page there are several kinds of printer documents, and you make sure that the printer that you have registered is included in the list. Then continue by clicking add printer.

Google Cloud Print
Printer registered

If successful, you will get a message like the picture below.

Google Cloud Print
Successful Google Print

Thus the review on how to use Google Print to printer via the Internet, Hopefully the above review can be useful for you. Thank you for visiting

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