Easy and Fast Way to Send Files from Mac to Android

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Send Files from Mac
Send Files from Mac

Forgot How do I move files or transfer files from Mac to Android or vice versa, send files from Android to Mac ?

We hope you read this article, “just to remind those who have forgotten.

Some people who use Mac OS X or macOS and also use Android phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Lenovo or other brands still don’t know how to send files from an Android phone to a Mac. However, of course it’s different for those who use Android smartphones and computers with Windows OS because it can easily move (copy-paste) files from mobile to computer.

The method is quite easy, just by connecting the Android device to the computer right. Indeed, sending files from Android to Mac is not as easy if you use Windows. When we connect an Android phone to a Mac, only an indication of battery charging appears on the smartphone and does not automatically display the file directory like a Windows user.

There are even sometimes, not detected at all. You don’t need to panic or worry, it doesn’t mean that your Android or Mac is damaged, it’s just that, an android file transfer application is needed to be able to send files from Mac to Android or move data from Android to Mac.

How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac or Send Files from Mac to Android

The first step before reading the tutorial below, you must first download the Android File Transfer for Mac application and follow the steps below.

  1. After successfully downloading, open the androidfiletransfer.dmg file then move the Android File Transfer to the Applications folder.
  2. Connect your Android phone to Mac using a data cable.
  3. Click 2x Android File Transfer to run the application.
  4. Select USB for … notification on your mobile> Transfer files (MTP).
  5. If you successfully connect, you will see a window that displays the files and folders on your Android HP. To send Android files to Mac, it’s very easy – select the file or folder then hold and slide.

Chances are, when connecting an Android phone to a Mac, it appears that the teller is not successfully connected. If you find that, just unplug the USB cable and then reinstall and repeat until the Mac detects your Android phone. There are still many alternative ways to move files from an Android phone to Mac or vice versa, transfer files Android to Mac with Smart Switch Mac software.

Maybe you have another way to send files from Android to Mac? the beauty of sharing#allhpsoftwere.

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